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Questions for interview from cryogenia:

1. I've been dying to know, but just what exactly is a Gate Squick?

2. How did you learn to draw?! I have your Xmas card up on my wall <3333

3. How did you get into FMA fandom?

4. Do you have any works that are personally important to you? (Fic, song, book, etc)

5. Do you sing?

1. Eh, it's basically saying 'You just got squicked by the Gate!babies.' Often times, I see someone writing something squicky, and they blame it on the Gate!babies.

2. I was self-taught. Then one year my mom and sis gave me this 'How to draw manga' book, but I didn't like the way the people were drawn, so mom just said: 'Just follow the way they draw it in your own style.' I still have a lot of my old junk, too. So I just kept practicing, and one day something clicked, and it just went from there. (BTW, yes the two doujinshi I owe you are still WIP)

3. I'm not sure I remember...^^; My sister said, 'it's a good series!' And told me I could read it off MSN groups, so I went ahead and did it. Then I was all 'this is really cool!' I forgot when I was introduced to the anime, but i was exposed to the manga side first. Then it was only up to chapter 51, I think. We also borrowed a Japanese edition from one of the libraries, volume 10 and 11 I think.

4. I'm never really proud of my fic. I think of really cliche ideas, but I use them anyway. So I never really post, I never get anything done either. I secretly want to become one of those fic/art giants, like you, cryogenia, mikkeneko and/or hime1999. It's sort of upsetting that a lot of our best ficcers don't seem to like FMA anymore, but instead, Supernatural. ^^;;; All my art is important to me. It's a little of my stress reliever, but it grounds me too sometimes, and if I get upset, it's easy to lapse into sketching and I feel better in a bit. If someone tears up my work other than me, I get upset. I went into hysterics once, since somebody threatened to throw away my work. A bit extreme I know, but true.

5. I'm surprised with this question, a little bit. Yes I sing; I posted up a vocal version of binaryalchemist's filk, 'Revenge of the Miniskirt Army,' but that's me using chest voice. I sing more classical, a little more operatic-I don't do pop. Sometimes it's ok (I'm not trained in it), but people who sound overly pop-ish sometimes annoy me. It's also fun to poke fun at celebrities, like Beyonce when I can hear them being unable to reach the pitch. I like high pitches personally. I can't even yell out the words anymore like rock stars do, if I get higher than my chest range I automatically lapse into my higher register. ^^;; but I don't know if I have a good voice or not, my singing teacher and choir instructor say so, but unless I'm doing spoken audio, like I'm doing for rainjoyous's RoyEd fic Closer (you need to read this one, it's awesome) I cringe at the sound of my own voice. I also can't sight read, and I don't have perfect pitch.

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