ankoku_tenshi (ankoku_tenshi) wrote,

Fic: Stage Fright

Title: Stage Fright
Author: ankoku_tenshi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 285
Series: Anime
Characters/Pairing: one-sided Undertaker/Ciel
Warning: Necro
Summary: It is time for the ladybird to get into costume for the final act.

Thanks to all those at kurohedonism who voted for me! It's really a great honor to have won the first prompt. :DD ♥

The ladybird that arrives at his doorstep tonight is special, porcelain and painted in blues and purples. Dusky eyelashes, pale cheeks, this ladybird will sing a song that no one has ever heard before. He will have to take good care of the ladybird, so delicate is its vocal chords and fragile, swan neck. He mustn't ruffle those gossamer red feathers too much either, or the ladybird won't be fit for its final presentation.

The ladybird is a handsome present. Why he was given it, he isn't sure, but he supposes that it is to save face, or something of the like. Ladybirds like this one don't come along very often, and ones as nice as this one attract too much attention. So he supposes it is a way for the gentleman in black to get rid of a burden. He doesn't mind, he's just the stage manager, and the ladybird is a pretty bauble made for gleaming star-bright spotlights.

“So young,” he murmurs, peering at the ladybird's face. Delicate mouth, and high cheeks, baby-soft skin and slender hands and fingers, he can see why the gentleman in black wanted to keep this bird all to himself. The moon casts shadows on the bird's face; it is time for the ladybird to get into costume for the final act.

“A good luck charm,” he cackles in the bone china songbird ear, lifting the ladybird up, so light is it, and caressing a pale cheek, closes in. In the ladybird's mouth he can sample the song, a dark song, contralto and bass and thunder and Beethoven's Fifth, and he thinks it's too bad that the gentleman in black had to throw this all away.

Tags: fanfic, kuroshitsuji

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